RS232 – RS422 Converter

USB DriverIf you are trying to convert the RS232 signal to another signal such as the RS422 then your will need a RS232 – RS422 converter to achieve this. The XS202 from US Converters LLC is a bi-directional RS232 to RS422 converter which is port powered how you can add additional power if needed such as an external 5VDC power source which needs a 6 pin DB9 Terminal Block Header.

RS232 – RS422 Converter

RS232 - RS422 Converter RS232 - RS422 Converter RS232 - RS422 Converter

The converter allows for 300 – 115200 bps transmission speeds.  It also allows for support of 4-wire balanced full duplex communication completely bi-directional. The converter does not require a driver or any other software as it uses the  MAX491 processor chip. No external power source is required and the converter is non-isolated and is completely plug and play. See also so the ft230x basic uart driver and the ft231x usb uart driver on here.


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