RS232 to RS485 Port Troubleshooting

USB DriverSee the RS232 to RS485 Port troubleshooting. If you want to test the RS232 port then you will need to follow the steps as detailed below. This is an easy way to test the RS232 to an RS485 port. These ports are the additional ports that you will find when you connect your RS232 port to your USB port. See the troubleshooting test below as well as the RS232 troubleshooting guide on this website as well. The test is similar when checking the drivers.

RS232 to RS485 Port Troubleshooting

In order to check if your RS232 to RS485 converter (or USB to RS485 converter) is working we need to first connect them and then also run Access Point software to send characters across the adapter to ensure that it is working. It is very easy to complete this as shown below and much the same way as testing an RS232 adapter as is shown on this website as well.

To test or troubleshoot an RS485 converter is a bit different from the RS232. If your RS485 converter does not have an ‘Echo On’ option then you will need to have two RS485 converters in order for the test to be completed. Since it cannot use the “Echo” it will need to communicate with another adapter to see if it is working. See also the rs485 working principle on here as well as the usb rs232 driver. There is also the pl2303gt driver.

Place one  RS485 converter into a USB port and then another RS485 converter in the other and connect the two. Now you will need to download the software called access Point in order to test the RS485 converters on your system. See also the Prolific USB to Serial Driver on this website.

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Access Port

This is freeware software so download which Windows OS you are running on to use this test software.

AccessPort 1.37 – Win9x/2K/XP/Vista/Win7
AccessPort 1.34 – Win9x/2000/XP/2003

Once installed you will now find the following screen from the AccessPort software. AccessPort is a serial port(RS232) debug and monitor tool for technicians.


Access Port

  • Once you run the software the terminal opens up.
  • Click on the Tools options (See configuration in the menu);
  • The configuration screen now opens up as can be seen below;
  • Now Change the COM port to the COM port in Windows Device Manager
  • See in the example as below as it is on COM 2
  • You must now Enable Auto Send (this will send characters in a continues strong)

COM test

  • Now you have to Click Ok

RS232 test

  • The Send window is at the bottom as can be seen and the Receive window is at the top
  • Now simply enter text in the lower window and click the Auto Send button.

If it is working then the message you typed in will now repeat in the other window. You can check if the test is the same. This is a simple test to ensure that the adapter is working.