The Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth 4.0 device, identified by the code USB\VID_0489&PID_E097, is frequently utilized in various laptops and USB dongle adapters. Moving on to the Acer Foxconn BCM4356A2 NGFF, a wireless network and Bluetooth device utilized in different Acer laptop models, it is linked to the Broadcom BCM4356A2 chipset supporting both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities.


Reported in the following Acer models:

  • Acer_LiteOn BCM20702A1_4352
  • Acer Foxconn BCM4356A2 NGFF

It’s important to note that driver compatibility may differ based on the operating system and the specific laptop model. For the latest and most accurate drivers, always refer to the manufacturer’s official support website. Likewise see also the bcm43142a0 driver Windows 10 as well as the Gigabit LAN USB 3.0 Driver.


Acer_LiteOn BCM20702A1_4352

Concerning the Acer_LiteOn BCM20702A1_4352, which falls under the Broadcom family of USB Bluetooth devices utilizing RAMUSB:

This Bluetooth device, with the ability for on-the-fly firmware updates through the RAMUSB system, is part of the Broadcom USB Bluetooth family. The Broadcom Windows driver uploads firmware during every startup, whereas this functionality is not natively supported for macOS. To address this, the BrcmPatchRAM kext, a macOS driver, applies PatchRAM updates for Broadcom RAMUSB based devices, ensuring firmware updates on each startup or wakeup. It’s important to note that updates applied are lost when shutting down the machine. Lastly also see the other hardware ID codes on this website such as the USB\VID_04CA&PID_2013 as well as the USB\VID_13D3&PID_3484.

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Acer Foxconn BCM4356A2 NGFF

Similarly, for the Acer Foxconn BCM4356A2 NGFF, a Bluetooth device in the Broadcom USB Bluetooth family using the RAMUSB system:

Like the other, this device allows easy updates through RAMUSB. The Broadcom Windows driver facilitates firmware uploads during every startup, and for macOS, the BrcmPatchRAM kext serves as a driver, applying PatchRAM updates for Broadcom RAMUSB based devices. This ensures consistent firmware updates on each startup or wakeup, aligning with the functionality of Windows drivers. Likewise see also the Broadcom wireless LAN Driver on here.

It’s worth mentioning that the original Apple Broadcom Bluetooth devices differ, as they are not RAMUSB devices and do not employ the same firmware mechanism.


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