USB DriverThe Hardware ID USB\VID_0A5C&PID_21E8 is like a special code for a piece of hardware. Let’s break it down below. This special code is connected to the 20702A1 dongles. The term “standalone” usually means a device that can work on its own without needing other things.


The chipset for this hardware is made by Broadcom. Broadcom is a big company that creates parts for things that use wires and wireless signals, like routers and switches. People like Broadcom’s parts because they work really well. Likewise see also the USB\VID_0B05&PID_17CB on here.

  • USB: This tells us the device uses a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface.
  • VID_0A5C: The Vendor ID (VID) is a unique code for the company that made the device. In this case, it’s the code for Broadcom Corporation.
  • PID_21E8: The Product ID (PID) is a unique code for this specific product made by Broadcom Corporation.

This device is used in different systems, but it’s hard to give a complete list without knowing the specific models. It’s best to check the information provided by the company that made the device for the most accurate details. Likewise also see the USB\VID_13D3&PID_3384 as well.


Hardware USB\VID_0A5C&PID_21E8

A hardware ID is like a special code for a device that helps your computer find the right software for it. It’s a unique string defined by the device’s maker, and Windows uses it to match the device with the correct driver. This ID indicates that any driver package claiming it can work with a device having that ID should provide some level of functionality. Usually, a device has more than one hardware ID associated with it. Likewise see also the asus bt400 driver.

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The Hardware ID includes information about the type of connection (like USB), the company that made the hardware, and a unique ID for the device. It’s a fast way for the operating system to spot the device and install the necessary software.

Here’s a breakdown of a typical hardware ID:

  • USB: This shows that the device uses a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection.
  • VID_XXXX: The Vendor ID (VID) is a unique code for the device’s maker. XXXX represents the specific ID for the maker.
  • PID_XXXX: The Product ID (PID) is a unique code for the specific product from the maker. XXXX is the ID for that product.

You can use this value to look up information about a particular device online or on official websites, especially if you need to update its software or fix any issues. Lastly also see the Prolific USB Error Code 39 on here.


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