Acer Mirascan 342s driver

Acer Mirascan 342s driverThe Acer USB scanner being the Acer Mirascan 342s driver was very popular scanner when it came out. The driver for this USB scanner has been listed below for download. Note that the scanner uses the same hardware as the ACARD which is the actual manufacturer of the Genius Mirascan. See the hardware ID for more details.

Acer Mirascan 342s driver

Note that this driver will work on a number of Acer USB scanners as the hardware is the same. The Acer range of scanners are listed below which the same hardware ID’s in their system. Download the driver below and then click on the .exe file in the zip. The system will now install. See also the Acer G205H and Acer H236HL as well as the CSR 5.0 Bluetooth driver on here. These include the Acer G195HQ as well as the Acer H236HL and the Acer B273HU driver  as can be seen. There is also the Acer bluetooth driver and Android mtp driver.


Hardware ID

ACARD Technology AEC-671X PCI Ultra/W SCSI-3 Controller

  • PCI\VEN_1191&DEV_8002
  • PCI\VEN_1191&DEV_8010
  • PCI\VEN_1191&DEV_8020
  • PCI\VEN_1191&DEV_8040

ACARD AEC-6710D PCI SCSI Controller


Acer Mirascan 342s Installation 

The Mirascan driver for Windows 7 64 bit is easy to install. Simply connect the scanner and then install the software. It will then detect the hardware. As you know this scanner is more than 9 years old and the drivers for Windows 10 might not work. You can run the scanner in compatibility mode. Download and extract the file. Then find the extracted files. Now right-click on the installation file and see on the new menu – compatibility mode. Install it for Windows 7. The scanner should then work on a Windows 10 machine.

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You can also on Windows 10 run the driver in compatibility mode to make the driver work. You will note that this is using an Acard controller.

  • – ACARD AEC-6710D PCI SCSI Controller”;(NT4 used only)
  • – ACARD AEC6710 Series PCI SCSI Controller
  • – ACARD AEC6712UW PCI Ultra/W SCSI Controller
  • – ACARD AEC6712U PCI Ultra SCSI Controller
  • – ACARD AEC6710S/6712S PCI SCSI Controller
  • – ACARD AEC-6710D PCI SCSI Controller (Win2000/XP)
  • – ACARD AEC-6710D PCI SCSI Controller”

Acer scanner models: 1220ST, 620S, 620ST, 610S, 610ST, 320S, 310S, 310ST.


ACARD AEC-6710D PCI SCSI Controller

When it comes to connecting different computer components, specialized controllers play a vital role. One such controller is the ACARD AEC-6710D PCI SCSI Controller, designed specifically for Windows NT4 operating system. But that’s not the only option available. There are various models in the ACARD AEC6710 Series PCI SCSI Controller family, each with its unique features.

Firstly, there’s the ACARD AEC6710 Series PCI SCSI Controller, a versatile choice for managing multiple devices. Moving on, the ACARD AEC6712UW PCI Ultra/W SCSI Controller offers ultra-fast data transfers, making it ideal for tasks that demand high-speed performance. If you’re looking for a reliable option without the ultra speed, the ACARD AEC6712U PCI Ultra SCSI Controller is a solid pick.

Moreover, there’s the ACARD AEC6710S/6712S PCI SCSI Controller, perfect for those who need a combination of speed and stability in their computing setup. Lastly, for users with Windows 2000/XP operating systems, the ACARD AEC-6710D PCI SCSI Controller is specifically tailored to meet their requirements, ensuring seamless compatibility and smooth operation.

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In conclusion, ACARD offers a range of PCI SCSI Controllers, each catering to specific needs and operating systems. Whether you’re after speed, stability, or compatibility, there’s a suitable option available in the ACARD AEC6710 Series. Choosing the right controller can significantly enhance your computer’s performance and efficiency, ensuring a smooth experience while working or gaming.


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Acer Mirascan 342s

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