Alereon Wireless USB Adapter

USB DriverThis is the driver for the Alereon Wireless USB adapter. The driver was driver version This driver was released in 2011 and the internal files show that this has been labeled as many things. These have been added below with the file itself.

Note that this driver has been used in a number of devices. These are the Aleron devices which is a wireless USB adapter as well as the IOGEAR and ICREON wireless adapters. These are listed as follows as their hardware is much the same. The driver will work on the Aleron as well as others:

  • Alereon Device Wire Adapter
  • Alereon Wireless USB Graphics Adapter w/ Audio
  • IOGEAR Wireless USB Hub
  • ICREON Device Wire Adapter

Note that there are other drivers as well. There is the driver bluetooth csr 5.0 dongle as well as the bluesoleil generic bluetooth driver and the Android Composite ADB Interface and finally the Bluetooth driver for windows 7 32-bit Acer as well. There is also the AmbiCom WL54 and the Apple Bluetooth driver as well.


Now there is also the Dynadock wireless USB adapter as we all the Toshiba and Samsung wireless adapter. You will note again that many of these use the exact same hardware.

  • Dynadock Wireless USB Docking Station
  • Toshiba Wireless USB Hub
  • Toshiba Wireless Mini Dock
  • Samsung Wireless Monitor

The Samsung is similar to the Alereon. Download the file and then extract the file. Inside you will find the aldwa.inf file which you will right-click on it. From there you can click on install on the new menu that shows. The device will now install and it will prompt Windows to show that it found new hardware. This is easy to do and can run even on the Windows 10 operating system. The INF install is the easiest. The download file has been added below. You can also clear your hard driver with the CCleaner download on here.


Alereon Wireless USB Adapter


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