D-Link DU-CP Driver

D-Link DU-CP DriverThe D-Link DU-CP driver or d-link cp driver download is listed below. Note that you need to uninstall your old driver before you install the new driver. Also always ensure that you have scan your computer for viruses after the install. The driver is a Windows driver for this USB adapter.

D-Link DU-CP Driver

The hardware string is listed as “DU-CP Parallel Interface Controller” in the driver file which is for the D-Link DU-CP adapter from D-Link. You can see the xin link cp driver here as well as the lucent driver as well. There is also the D-Link Serial Converter as well as the d link dib 120 and the wd ses device usb device as you can see.

This is an old device and the driver is also very old. If you wish to install this on a modern Windows 10 machine then you can download and extract the files. Then right-click on the setup file and then click on “compatibility troubleshoot” which Windows will then attempt to install the older driver on the new machine. Once done Windows will show that it has found new hardware. Once complete the driver will complete and the device will not be available.

D-Link CP Driver

You can find a number of older hardware on this website as most drivers here are for hardware that you will only find on the secondhand market. Most of this hardware comes from the older versions which are no longer manufactured. There are still millions of Windows 2000 and Windows XP on the market which use these old drivers. For these older systems the compatibility mode is not needed. You can simply complete this on your own.

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Search this website for other drivers similar as the D-Link brand was and is still very popular. With this there are also many of the D-Link devices around. Download the xin link cp driver below.


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D-Link DU-CP