D-Link Routers AirPlus

router username passwordIf you want the default IP or the default username and password for the D-Link Routers AirPlus then see below. This is the range of D-Link Routers AirPlus router. You can see the basic which works are a default setup of the range of routers from D-Link. See also the default username and password for the default router in this specific range.

D-Link Routers AirPlus

The settings are for the following D-Link routers in the Airplus range of routers. See the full settings below with the default IP as well as the default username and password. See below the list of routers from D-link. Also see which D-Link router you have and then see its default IP. There are normally only the two as you can see. Likewise see the CP2104 and CP2102 on here.

The default username and password for the D-Link routers also change. There are few changes as most was created with admin and password as the default login credentials. The IP is also the default settings on most computers and routers out there. So nothing new except for a few which are different. Search this webiste for more assistance if you cannot login. Do not reset your router as it will remove your ISP login.


Router Model Default IP Username Password
AirPlus DI-524 admin password
AirPlus DI-524UP admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-614+ admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-624 admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-624+ admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-624S admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-724P+ admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-824VUP admin admin
AirPremier DI-784 admin <blank>
AirPro DI-754 admin <blank>
Airspot DSA-3100 admin admin
Airspot DSA-3200 admin admin
Airspot DSA-5100 admin admin
Amplifi DIR-645 admin <blank>
Amplifi DIR-657 admin <blank>
See also  D-Link DU-128TA Driver


You can also find the driver for the D-Link DU 128TA on this website as well as D-Link DSM 602H Ethernet, D-Link DU 520 Driver as well as the Aztech default Router Username and Password. Search this website for more information and assistance by using the sidebar for more information.




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