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UART Drivers

Understand the UART drivers from here. When the first microcomputers appeared in the 1960s, users had a number of choices for interfacing with them: serial ports, expansion slots, and clocking in on a motherboard. As technology and software matured, users started to drop one of those options.

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Introduction – What is a ft232r driver and what does it do?

The FT232R is a USB to UART interface that allows you to connect your computer to a serial device. The FT232R is a USB to UART interface that allows you to connect your computer to a serial device. It can be used for debugging, programming, and other purposes. The FT232R is an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool for interfacing with the serial port of embedded systems. Read More »

FT232R Drivers in Different Operating Systems

FT232R is a USB-to-serial converter chip, which converts the data from USB to serial format. It allows the microcontroller to communicate with a computer without using an RS232 port. The FT232R driver is required for the FT232R chip to work on Windows operating systems. The driver is not necessary for Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

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The XR16L580 UART is currently one of the smallest UART devices. You will find these in a number of portable devices on the market such as handheld devices. If you are having problems, then see the most common UART problems which you might find. This UART uses the RS232 and RS422 protocols and these are a number of versions for the UART on the market. This all comes with a good data rate.

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BGM220 Bluetooth Modules

The BGM220 Bluetooth modules are numerous and there are difference either in what they can do or how they are shipped. Some modules are sold in a tube format or in a strip form. These are the Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko version and you can see what each one offers. First the hardware and then the comparisons between the different versions of the BGM220 Bluetooth Modules. Read More »

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CP2109 USB to UART

The CP2109 USB to UART is the Silicon Labs CP2109 USB to UART Bridge and its VCP driver. You can see how to install this driver as well as see how the USB to UART is installed. This is the CP2109 USB to UART from Silicon Labs but there is also the CP2102 USB to UART on this website. You will note that these are different. There is also the more popular FT232R USB UART driver as you can see.

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HP Printers UART Vulnerabilities

To start December 2021, is the release of a list of vulnerabilities or HP Printers UART Vulnerabilities,  when it comes to HP printers. These serious security vulnerabilities including the UART ports, are affecting a number of HP printer models on the market. If these are exploited then there will be bigger issues in your IT network. The vulnerabilities are known as the “Printing Shellz”, these vulnerabilities on the HP printers allows a remote attacker to take control of target systems via HP printers.

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CP2102 driver

If you are looking at using the CP2102 driver which is for the UART driver then you can find more of that here. This is how to install the CP2102 driver in a Linux system as well as on a Windows system. The driver on listed in the link page and you can download the files there in both the Windows as well as the Linux format.

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CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Driver

The CP2102 USB to UART Bridge driver you can download below. Silicon Labs who manufactures the CP2102 chipset has stated that this chip should not be used in new designs and to look at other options. The CP2102N is now the recommended chipset instead of the CP2102 which they also make. The drivers for the CP2102 USD to UART bridge are royalty free and it is plug and play compliant.

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