Nokia 2228 USB Driver

USB DriverThis is the driver for the Nokia 2228 USB driver for your computer. Note that there are other Nokia USB drivers on this website such as the Samsung USB driver as well as the Sony USB drivers. These drivers for the Nokia 228 as well as the Nokia 1606 has been added below for download.

Nokia 2228 USB Driver

You can also see the bluetooth dongle driver which uses a similar install method. The hardware ID is also seen as:


The above is the hardware ID which you can use to identify the mobile phone. This ID is for the Nokia 2228 mobile phone.


There are a number of mobile phones which use this driver. These are the

  • Nokia Mobile USB Device Install Disk
  • Nokia 3606 USB Phone Device

The first is a generic driver. The Nokia 3606 mobile phone also uses this driver. See also the other below.

  • Nokia 1606 USB Phone Device
  • Nokia 2228 USB Phone Device

The Nokia 1606 and Nokia 2228 USB also uses this mobile phone driver.

  • Nokia 3608 USB Phone Device
  • Nokia USB Bus Services (Vacom)

Download the driver below and extract the content. There are 4 files and the one you will need is the INF file. You will now Nokia 2228 USB Driverneed to right-click on the INF ending file and then click on ‘install’. Windows even Windows 7 as well as Windows 10 will install the driver.

It will say that it has found new hardware. Restart your computer when you are done. This INF install is very common. Its a barebones driver without any software. Many of the hardware drivers on here are for hardware that are old and off the market. Most are in the secondhand market. You can search this website for more INF installs for your hardware no matter how old. Download the file below and complete the install as explained above. See also the driver Xperia Z1 SOL23 as well.


driver download

Nokia 2228 USB Driver



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