USB Front ports not working?

USB DriverUSB Front ports not working? Certain devices do not always work on the front ports of your computer. Many will only work on the rear USB ports. If you are not able to connect to the device on the front USB ports then try the rear. This tends to occur on Gigabyte motherboards and the Dell series of computers such as the Vostro 220s.

USB Front ports not working?

USB PortWhat you should also do on the front ports is to take a coin and place it between the ‘tongue’ in the USB port and bend it back a bit. After 3-4 years of usage the USB port does get bent out of shape at times.

As you can see the USB port on the left is bent down and this is usually one of the biggest problems. Bending it down a small bit normally fixes the problem. As stated above, if the front ports do not work then the rear ports are more likely to work.

The wear of the front ports are the hardest as they are usually used the most. Inserting and removing a USB device tends to bend the middle after a while. You can also see the USB to Serial as well as the USB Error Codes as well as the USB device not recognized as well.

You will need to check all of these as Samsung tends to give many of these errors. Always check your cables as well as your USB ports. You will note that at times the front ports don’t work and only the rear ports will work. Search this website of the driver did not work or the ports did not work. You can find all the solutions on this website. See the other links for more informations and checks for you to try and find your solution.



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