HP Laserjet P1108 Driver

USB DriverThe HP Laserjet p1108 driver can be found on this website and we will show you how to install the HP Laserjet p1108 driver onto your computer. Note that this is a 64bit driver for Windows and will ensure that you can use your printer. Note that this is a monochrome laser printer  from HP so check that you have the correct hardware for this software.

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BCM 43142a0 Driver – Solution

USB DriverIf you are having the following errors that the driver cannot be found then the solution to this problem has been added below. Common issues are bcm43142a0 asus as well as bcm43142a0 driver you can now look below for more information. You will need a driver for this as the Network Controller, USB Controller and BCM43142A0 has “No Drivers” and needs to be installed. This you will not only find in Asus products but also with HP products. Read More »

WD SES Device USB Driver Error

USB DriverThe WD SES USB drive does not need a driver as it is normally found in the Windows driver pack. If it shows an error then normally tour Windows has not been updated and you have an outdated driver list on your computer. The other option is that the drive might actually be damaged. So the first solution to a WD SES device error is to update the Windows OS that you are using.

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Epson L1300 Printer Driver 32bit + 64bit

USB DriverThe Epson L1300 Printer is still a well known and used printer. Below you will be able to find not only the driver for the Epson L1300 Printer but also how to install the printer on a Windows 10 system. You can see how this is done as it is a small 25mb file which you can download from this website. Search this website for other drivers in the Epson printer range.

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Sony Xperia Drivers

You will note that drivers for the Sony Xperia drivers which you can find on this website. You will be able to install the drivers as well as the software for your Xperia mobile phone. Al;ways check to see if you are able to install this on your computer as drivers are updated. Below are the most common Xperia mobile phone drivers.

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UART Drivers

There is not many drivers for the UART however you can find many of these detailed on this website. The UART is very important when dealing with communications as well as when you are looking at building a custom computer. Search this website for more information on the drivers as well as the settings for the UART in your computer.

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Samsung Products

There are a number of Samsung products which you will find here. Note that these are the most common USB drivers for Samsung products. Also search this website for more information on how to install these drivers as well as how to manage the driver updates. If you are certain the speak to the sales person where you bought the products.

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Common Windows 10 Problems

These are the most common problems with Windows 10. You can search this website for more solutions with regards to Windows 10 as well as drivers for the Windows 10 system. Search the directory on Windows 10 most common problems in the Windows 10 platform specifically once it has been updated.

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How To Disable Java in Chrome

USB DriverIf you wish to disable Java on a specific website then you can follow the pictures below to disable Java in your chrome browser. Note that this works on the latest Chrome browser which you have. You start by clicking on “Settings” first.

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USB 3.0 & USB 2.0 Difference

When USB started there was not much difference when you looked at the ports as the suppliers and manufacturers did not care to much to colour code any of them. Some had been white and others black but that meant nothing. Since USB 2.0 however there has been the start of colour coding so consumers could tell the ports apart. As an example the average motherboard can have more than one type of USB port on it.

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