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FT232RL USB to Serial Adapter Driver

USB DriverThe FT232RL USB to Serial Adapter is about a third of the price compared to the FT231X USB to serial adapter and does not have as many options however for a simple environment this will work well enough. Both chips are made by FTDI. There are driver below for MAC Linux as well as all version of Windows. We need to compare the two and see what the difference in price will make and then decide from there as to which one you would really prefer.

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FT231X USB to Serial Adapter Driver

USB DriverThe Thunderlinx USB to Serial adapter is most probably the most well known USB to serial adpater that uses the FT231X processor. This USB to Serial adapter converts serial data to USB data and vice versa. There are a few advantages to this newer technology as have been explained below and may be of interest to you if you are in a complex environment.

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Working principles of RS485

USB DriverWhen we talk about the RS485 we first need to know that is stands for the “Recommended Standard no. 485” and that it is the serial communication standard which was established in 1998. The standard is used in many industrial equipment as the signal can be sent far and can still be sent simultaneously at multiple points. This uses Half duplex communication meaning that it can only send information in one direction at a time.

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Samsung B310e USB Driver

USB DriverThis is the USB driver for the Samsung B310e. You can download the driver below as it is a very small file which is easy to install. The USB driver for the B310e is listed as a Spreadtrum Sci USB 2 Serial driver version This was the last driver which allowed you to connect the mobile phone to your computer. It will work for most people and it is a very common mobile phone in India.

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USB to UART/Serial/Printer

USB DriverThe following USB to Serial devices are all from Prolific and they all use the same USB to serial driver which you can also find on this website. Note that there are UART as well as Serial and Printer chips which they make. You will find this rather easy to understand.Search this website for more Prolific device drivers.

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PL2303TA USB to RS232 DB9 Serial Driver

USB DriverThe PL2303TA is a USB to Serial Bridge Controller from Prolific. The chipset provides USB to straight-through RS232 serial connectivity at baud rates up to 128Kbps. This allows you to use a USB port in your computer to a RS232 type devices such as point-of-sale terminals, serial modems as well as industrial equipment.

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USB to Serial Drivers

USB DriverThe following are installation help pages as well as drivers for USB to Serial adapters. These range from the Minicom adapter as well as the Prolific adapter drivers as well as Windows and Linux instructions. Aten as well as Bafo make these adapters and you can check to see how best to use these and how to install them as well.

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Aten USB to Serial Driver (UC232A / UC232A1) Install

USB DriverBelow I will show you how to install the Aten USB to Serial driver in both Windows as well as in Linux. There is a Aten USB to Serial driver on this website and I have added it at the bottom again. We also cover a few of the most common error with the Aten USB to Serial Driver on this website. You also check the install for the Minicom  usb to rs232 driver as well as the Tripplite  usb to rs232 driver as well as the usb to rs232 driver.

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