Realtek RTL8185L Driver

USB DriverThere are a number of Realtek drivers on the market with this being the Realtek RTL8185L driver. There are a number of other drivers on this website so search for these. Note that the RTL8185L comes in the Windows Vista(32bit/64bit) driver pack with only the driver. There is also the Windows XP (32bit/64bit)/ Windows 2000 driver only package.

Note that there is also a driver for the Linux kernel 2.6.X as well as the MAC OSX 10.3 and the MAC OSX 10.4 operating system. you can download the driver below. Always scan all software downloads from the internet. Note the other drivers on this website:

If you are not sure what hardware you have in your computer or laptop then you can search your hardware with this program called Speccy which is free and very good at identifying which hardware you have and which software to download.

Windows Vista (32bit/64bit) Driver Only

Windows XP (32bit/64bit)/2K Driver Only

Linux driver for kernel 2.6.X

MAC OSX 10.3 Driver package (UI ver. 1.4.2 )

MAC OSX 10.4 Driver package (UI ver. 1.4.2 )


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