USB to UART/Serial/Printer

USB DriverThe following USB to Serial devices or USB to UART/Serial/Printer are all from Prolific and they all use the same USB to serial driver which you can also find on this website. Note that there are UART as well as Serial and Printer chips which they make. You will find this rather easy to understand.Search this website for more Prolific device drivers.

USB to UART/Serial/Printer Drivers

These are the chips available from Prolific. There drivers are all the same. See also the usb driver.

PL2303TA   USB to Serial Bridge Controller

PL2303GL   USB to Serial Bridge Controller

PL2360 USB HID to I2C Bridge Controller

PL2303HXD USB to Serial/UART Bridge Controller (Integrated crystal/OTP)

PL2303TB   USB to Serial and GPIO Bridge Controller

PL2303GT   USB to RS232 Bridge Controller

PL2362   USB HID to SPI Bridge Controller

PL2303RA   USB to RS232 Bridge Controller

PL2303GC   USB to Serial Bridge Controller

PL2303SA   USB to Serial Bridge Controller

PL2303EA   ESD-Protected USB to Serial Bridge Controller

PL2303GS   USB to Serial Bridge Controller

PL2330   USB HID to Serial Bridge Controller

PL2305   USB to Printer Device Bridge Controller


Note the driver for the adapter is found below.

driver download

This will open to the installation pages.

 USB to Serial Driver (Windows)

FT232r USB UART Driver (Linux)