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Sweex LW053 Wireless LAN USB Adapter Driver

Sweex LW053 Wireless LAN USB Adapter Driver This version 1,3 of the Sweex LW053 Wireless LAN USB Adapter Driver is listed below. Note that this chipset works on a number of other brand name adapters. Sweex is only one of the brands which use this chipset. The full listing is below.

Ralink.DeviceDesc           = “RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card”
Qcom.DeviceDesc             = “RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card”
Gigabyte.DeviceDesc         = “Gigabyte GN-WB01GS USB WLAN Card”
Gigabyte2.DeviceDesc        = “Gigabyte GN-WI05GS mini WLAN Card”
Conceptronic.DeviceDesc     = “Conceptronic 54Mbps USB adapter”
M6877.DeviceDesc            = “802.11g Mini Card Wireless Adapter”
MA874.DeviceDesc            = “802.11g MiniUSB 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Combo”
M6874.DeviceDesc            = “802.11g MiniUSB 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Combo”
MA861.DeviceDesc            = “802.11g USB 2.0 Stick”
M4600.DeviceDesc            = “802.11b/g USB Turbo Wireless Adapter”
GMEWLGRL.DeviceDesc         = “RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card”
Surecom.DeviceDesc          = “802.11g 54M Wireless LAN USB Adapter”
ASUS.DeviceDesc             = “ASUS USB Wireless Network Adapter”
ASUSGEN.DeviceDesc          = “802.11b/g USB Wireless Network Adapter”
AMIT.DeviceDesc             = “CG-WLUSB2GO, corega Wireless USB Adapter”
CNet.DeviceDesc             = “CNet Wireless USB dongle”
Huawei-3Com.DeviceDesc      = “Aolynk WUB320g USB Wireless LAN Card”
Askey.DeviceDesc            = “WLAN USB Wireless LAN Stick”
Amigo.DeviceDesc            = “802.11G Wireless USB Card”
HP.DeviceDesc               = “USB Wireless 802.11 b/g Adaptor”
Buffalo.DeviceDesc          = “BUFFALO WLI-U2-SG54HP”
ZyXEL.DeviceDesc            = “G-210H 802.11g Wireless USB Adapter”
Sitecom_9712.DeviceDesc     = “Sitecom Wireless Network USB adapter 54g WL-113v1.002”
Sitecom_90AC.= “Sitecom Wireless Network USB adapter Turbo g WL-172”
Sitecom_0024.= “Sitecom Wireless Network 54G-Turbo WPS USB adapter WL-212”
Sitecom_0027.= “Sitecom Wireless Network USB Adapter 54G Turbo WL-177”
Sitecom_002F.= “Wireless Network USB Adapter 54g-Turbo WL-178”
Netopia.DeviceDesc          = “Wireless USB Card”
Philips.DeviceDesc          = “Philips USB Wireless Network Adapter”
Zcom.DeviceDesc             = “802.11b/g USB Wireless Network Adapter”
AboCom_B21B.DeviceDesc      = “Hawking HWU54DM Hi-Gain Wireless-G USB Adapter”
AboCom_B21C.DeviceDesc      = “RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card”
AboCom_B21D.DeviceDesc      = “802.11b/g Mini Wireless LAN USB 2.0 Adapter”
AboCom_B21E.DeviceDesc      = “802.11b/g High Gain Wireless LAN USB Adapter”
AboCom_B21F.DeviceDesc      = “WUG2700 USB Wireless LAN Card”
AboCom_AB01.DeviceDesc      = “PCI GW-US54HP”
AboCom_AB50.DeviceDesc      = “PCI GW-US54Mini2”
AboCom_3415.DeviceDesc      = “G-210H 802.11g Wireless USB Adapter”
EnGenius_3701.DeviceDesc    = “EnGenius 802.11b/g Wireless USB Adapter”
EnGenius_7100.DeviceDesc    = “EnGenius 802.11b/g Wireless USB Adapter”
Edimax_7318.DeviceDesc      = “Edimax 802.11g Wireless USB Adapter”
Edimax_7618.DeviceDesc      = “Edimax 802.11g Wireless USB Adapter”
AL_3C10.DeviceDesc          = “802.11g USB Wireless LAN Card”

Sweex LW053 Wireless LAN USB Adapter Driver



Sweex LW053 Wireless LAN USB Adapter Driver


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