FT4233HP Quad USB UART IC`s Driver

Download the FT4233HP Quad USB UART IC`s driver on here. This is a new IC which comes with power delivery. This is the FT4233HP and FT4232HP Hi-Speed Quad USB UART IC`s with integrated power delivery.

FT4233HP Quad USB UART IC`s Driver

The FT4233HP/FT4232HP is FTDI’s first Hi-Speed USB device with a Type-C controller that fully supports the latest USB Type-C and Power Delivery standards. This enables the device to provide support for power negotiation, allowing it to either sink or source current to a USB host device. Likewise see also the FT4222H USB to Quad SPI (I2C Bridge) as well as the following post on the FT4232H Quad USB UART IC driver.

Furthermore, the Type-C/PD controller features two Type-C ports. PD1 can be configured as a power sink or dual role, while PD2 functions solely as a power sink. These capabilities make the device suitable for various charging applications.

Moreover, the USB bridge function of the FT4233HP/FT4232HP delivers four independent channels, which are comparable to the FT4232H – Quad Hi-speed USB to multipurpose UART/MPSSE solution.

Hardware Features

The USB Power Delivery (PD) Controller boasts several features. Firstly, it supports PD specification Rev 3.0. Additionally, Port1 can be configured as either a Sink or Dual-role, with support for Fast Role Swap. On the other hand, Port2 operates solely as a Sink.

Moreover, the PD Controller can handle both sink and source functions for 5V, 9V, 15V, and 20V Power Delivery Objects (PDOs). It also includes a Physical Layer Protocol and BOS descriptors for PD capability. Furthermore, it can be easily configured at boot through an EEPROM and supports external MCU control via an I2C interface.

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In terms of the USB Type-C Controller, it supports Type-C specification Release 1.3. It has the ability to detect USB cable attach/detach events, determine cable orientation, and detect the role of the connected devices. Additionally, it can advertise default, 1.5A, or 3A VBUS current for 5V Type-C power. Likewise see also the FT232H Single Channel USB UART/FIFO IC driver.

Lastly, the device functions as a USB to Multi-purpose UART/MPSSE bridge, offering full compatibility with the FT4232H. It provides four serial ports with various configurations. Notably, the entire USB protocol is handled on the chip, eliminating the need for firmware programming. Finally also see the Dell UP3017Q Monitor USB Win 10 on here.

The USB charging port can be utilized as a single chip solution for various interface configurations. It supports USB to four channels UART (RS232, RS422, or RS485) or Bit-Bang interfaces. Additionally, it can serve as a single chip USB to 2 JTAG channels along with 2 UARTs. Another option is a single chip USB to 1 JTAG channel combined with 3 UARTs. Lastly, it can function as a single chip USB to 1 SPI channel alongside 3 UARTs. In addition also see the FT231X – Full Speed USB to Full UART on here.


D2XX Direct Drivers

Windows (Desktop) 2021-07-15

FT4233HP Driver X86 (64-Bit)

FT4233H Driver X86 (32-Bit)

Windows RT Driver (ARM) (2014-07-04)

Linux X64 (64-Bit) / X86 (32-Bit)  (2020-05-18)