FT234XD USB to Basic UART Driver

Download the FT234XD USB to Basic UART driver here. The USB2.0 Full Speed IC, known as FT234XD, provides a basic UART to USB bridge in a compact IC package with a 3x3mm footprint in a 12 pin, DFN package. This device functions as a UART and can operate at speeds up to 3MBaud, while consuming low power (8mA).

FT234XD USB to Basic UART Driver

Additionally, it incorporates the comprehensive feature set of the FT-X series, including battery charging detection. With its UART interface, the FT234XD facilitates the swift and effortless integration of USB into any system design. This is the  FT234XD Full Speed USB to Basic UART. See also the Inspiron 15 5559 Webcam Driver on here.

Hardware Features

The single chip USB to asynchronous serial data transfer interface offers a range of features and capabilities. To begin with, the entire USB protocol is handled on the chip, eliminating the need for USB-specific firmware programming. The chip also includes a fully integrated 2048 byte EEPROM, which can store device descriptors and CBUS I/O configuration. Additionally, it features fully integrated clock generation, removing the requirement for an external crystal. Moreover, it offers optional clock output selection, enabling a glue-less interface to an external MCU or FPGA.

Data Speed

In terms of data transfer rates, the chip supports speeds ranging from 300 baud to 3 Mbaud. It includes a 512 byte receive buffer and 512 byte transmit buffer, utilizing buffer smoothing technology to ensure high data throughput. The chip also offers configurable CBUS I/O pins and provides transmit and receive LED drive signals. It supports various UART interface options, including 7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, and various parity options. Additionally, it provides synchronous and asynchronous bit bang interface options with RD# and WR# strobes.

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One notable feature is the battery charger detection, which allows mobile devices to detect the presence of a charger on the USB port. This enables higher current and faster charging of batteries. The chip is supplied pre-programmed with a unique USB serial number.

It supports various USB configurations, including bus powered, self-powered, and high-power bus powered configurations. The chip incorporates an integrated +3.3V level converter for USB I/O and offers true 3.3V CMOS drive output and TTL input. It can operate down to 1.8V with external pull-ups and is also 5V tolerant. The chip provides configurable I/O pin output drive strength and includes an integrated power-on-reset circuit. Additionally see also the FT230X USB to Basic UART Driver on this webiste.

Other features include UART signal inversion option, internal 3.3V/1.8V LDO regulators, and low operating current of 8mA (typical) with a USB suspend current of 125uA (typical). It ensures low USB bandwidth consumption and is compatible with UHCI/OHCI/EHCI host controllers. Lastly, it complies with the USB 2.0 Full Speed standard.

Application Usage

  • USB to RS232/RS422/RS485 Converters
  • Upgrading Legacy Peripherals to USB
  • Cellular and Cordless Phone USB data transfer cables and interfaces
  • Interfacing MCU/PLD/FPGA based designs to USB
  • USB Audio and Low Bandwidth Video data transfer
  • PDA to USB data transfer
  • USB Smart Card Readers

Always buy from reputable buyers so that you done buy a fake chip. These include Mouser Electronics as well as Digi-Key Electronics and Newark Electronics. Likewise see the FT230X Basic UART Driver as well.

FT234XD The UMFT234XD breakout board serves as a conversion interface from USB2.0 Full-Speed to UART. Unlike traditional modules with a USB connector, these modules are designed to be directly plugged into the USB host connector. The electrical contacts of the module’s PCB establish contact with the USB connector’s electrical contacts, eliminating the need for a separate USB connector.

In terms of voltage levels, the UART interface of the UMFT234XD operates at +3.3V. However, it is important to note that all I/Os on the board are 5V tolerant, providing compatibility with a wider range of devices and systems.

Module Interface Features

FT234XD UMFT234XD UART USB to UART with four control bus lines, 3.3V power out limited to 50mA and 5V with as safety fuse. UART signals available via 8 pin female connector.
UMFT234XD-NC UART USB to UART with four control bus lines, 3.3V power out limited to 50mA
and 5V with as safety fuse. UART signals available via 8 pads on the PCB.
UMFT234XD-WE UART USB to UART with four control bus lines, 3.3V power out limited to 50mA and 5V with as safety fuse. UART signals available via 8, 6” fly


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D2XX Direct Drivers

Windows (Desktop) 2021-07-15

FT234XD Driver X86 (64-Bit)

FT234XD Driver X86 (32-Bit)

Windows RT Driver (ARM) (2014-07-04)

Linux X64 (64-Bit) / X86 (32-Bit)  (2020-05-18)


VCP Drivers

Windows (Desktop) 2021-07-15

FT234 XD Driver X86 (64-Bit)

FT234XD Driver X86 (32-Bit)



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