FT2232H Dual USB UART/FIFO IC Driver

Download the FT2232H Dual USB UART/FIFO IC driver here. The FT2232H represents FTDI’s 5th generation of USB devices, offering advanced capabilities for various interface configurations. Operating at USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mb/s), this IC serves as a bridge between USB and UART/FIFO communication.

FT2232H Dual USB UART/FIFO IC Driver

Expanding upon the capabilities of its predecessor, the FT2232, the FT2232H incorporates two multi-protocol synchronous serial engines (MPSSEs). These engines enable simultaneous communication using industry-standard protocols such as JTAG, I2C, and SPI on two separate channels.

The FT2232H is available in Pb-free (RoHS compliant) packages, including 64-pin LQFP/QFN and 56-pin QVFN. These packaging options provide flexibility for integration into various electronic designs. Likewise also see the FT232H Single Channel USB UART/FIFO IC driver as well as the FT234XD USB to Basic UART driver.

Hardware Features

FT2232H Dual USB UARTThe FT2232H is a versatile single chip solution that provides USB to dual serial/parallel ports. Likewise with a wide range of configurations. It handles the entire USB protocol internally, eliminating the need for USB-specific programming. In addition it is designed to be compatible with USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mbits/second) and Full Speed (12Mbits/second).


Note that the FT2232H offers flexible connectivity options. It features dual Multi-Protocol Synchronous Serial Engines (MPSSEs). Likewise allowing for simplified communication using protocols like JTAG, I2C, SPI, or bit-bang. These MPSSEs can be independently configured, enabling dual UART or FIFO ports with independent baud rate generators. Compare this with the ft232r usb uart as well as the cp2102 usb to uart bridge controller.

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For UART applications, the FT2232H supports transfer data rates of up to 12Mbaud. Likewise depending on the specific RS232/RS422/RS485 configuration. Parallel FIFO mode allows for high-speed data transfer of up to 10Mbyte/sec. This while the single-channel synchronous FIFO mode supports even faster transfers at up to 40Mbytes/sec. The CPU-style FIFO interface simplifies the design of the CPU interface. This and the device also offers MCU host bus emulation mode as a configuration option.

  • Single chip USB to dual channel UART (RS232, RS422 or RS485).
  • Single chip USB to dual channel FIFO.
  • Likewise Single chip USB to dual channel JTAG.
  • Single chip USB to dual channel SPI.
  • Additionally Single chip USB to dual channel I2C.
  • Single chip USB to dual channel Bit-Bang.

The FT2232H provides additional features such as opto-isolated serial interface. Likewise adjustable receive buffer timeout, transmit and receive LED drive signal options on each channel. In addition to enhanced bit-bang mode with strobes, and an FT245B-style FIFO interface option with a bidirectional data bus and simple handshake interface.

Note that FTDI offers royalty-free VCP and D2XX drivers. This eliminating the need for USB driver development in most cases. The device allows for configurable I/O drive strength and slew rate, and it incorporates a highly integrated design with a built-in +1.8V LDO regulator for VCORE, power-on-reset (POR) function, and an on-chip clock multiplier PLL.


The FT2232H supports asynchronous serial UART interface with full hardware handshaking and modem interface signals. It also offers fully assisted hardware or X-On/X-Off software handshaking. The UART interface supports various data configurations, including 7/8 bit data, 1/2 stop bits, and Odd/Even/Mark/Space/No Parity options. For RS485 applications, an auto-transmit enable control is available using the TXDEN pin.

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Configuration options and USB description strings can be set through an external EEPROM over the USB interface. The device is designed to operate with low power consumption in both active and USB suspend modes. It supports bus powered, self-powered, and high-power bus powered USB configurations, and it is compatible with UHCI/OHCI/EHCI host controllers. Likewise see also the FT231X – Full Speed USB to Full UART and

Data Transfer

The FT2232H offers USB bulk data transfer mode with 512-byte packets in Hi-Speed mode. It provides +1.8V (chip core) and +3.3V I/O interfacing, with tolerance for +5V signals. The device operates within an extended temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, making it suitable for industrial applications. It comes in compact 64-LD Lead-Free LQFP/LQFN and 56-LD VQFN packages, ensuring ease of integration into various designs. The FT2232H operates within a single +3.3V supply voltage range, simplifying power requirements.


D2XX Direct Drivers

Windows (Desktop) 2021-07-15

FT2232H Driver X86 (64-Bit)

FT2232H Driver X86 (32-Bit)

Windows RT Driver (ARM) (2014-07-04)

Linux X64 (64-Bit) / X86 (32-Bit)  (2020-05-18)


VCP Drivers

Windows (Desktop) 2021-07-15

FT2232H Driver X86 (64-Bit)

FT2232H Driver X86 (32-Bit)