FT200XD Full Speed USB to I2C Bridge Driver

Download the FT200XD Full Speed USB to I2C Bridge driver here. Furthermore, this USB2.0 Full Speed IC serves as a compact bridge to I2C devices. It functions as an I2C slave, with an operating speed of up to 3.4MBit/s while using low power usage of only 8mA.


FT200XD Full Speed USB to I2C Bridge Driver


The FT200XD includes the full feature set of the FT-X series, making it easy and effective to add USB into a system design through an I2C interface. See also the FT602 SuperSpeed USB3.0 on here as well. This showcasing a single chip USB to I2C link so this device offers easy connectivity. The entire USB protocol is handled on the chip. Likewise removing the need for USB-specific firmware programming. This is the FTDI Chip UART SIE, UART 10-Pin DFN, FT200XD-R.

FT200XD-RThis is the FT200XD-R. It serves as a bridge, allowing the computer to interact with and control I2C devices using the USB interface. The driver facilitates the seamless integration of the FT200XD chip into the computer system, ensuring smooth and reliable data exchange between the USB host and I2C slave devices. Additionally also see the CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Driver on here to compare.

Moreover, it includes a fully integrated 2048-byte Multi-Time-Programmable (MTP) memory that can store device descriptors and CBUS I/O configuration. The clock generation is also fully combined, removing the requirement for another crystal. Additionally, there is an optional clock output selection, enabling a glue-less link to another MCU or FPGA.

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To ensure effective data throughput, the device includes a 512-byte receive buffer and a 512-byte transmit buffer utilizing buffer smoothing technology. This allows for high-speed data transmission.

For easy usage, FTDI’s royalty-free Virtual Com Port (VCP) and Direct (D2XX) drivers are available, eliminating the need for USB driver development in most cases. The CBUS I/O pin is configurable, providing flexibility for different applications. Furthermore, the device includes battery charger detection. Likewise which is useful for mobile devices to detect the presence of a charger on the USB port. This enables higher current and faster charging of batteries.

Additional Options

Additional options include a unique USB serial number pre-programmed into the device, support for various USB configurations (bus powered, self-powered, and high-power bus powered), an integrated +3.3V level converter for USB I/O, and true 3.3V CMOS drive output with TTL input.

The device is equipped with a configurable I/O pin output drive strength, an integrated power-on-reset circuit, and internal 3.3V/1.8V LDO regulators. It operates with a low operating current of 8mA (typical) and a USB suspend current of 125uA (typical). It consumes low USB bandwidth and is suitable with UHCI/OHCI/EHCI host controllers. This is the FTDI Chip UART SIE or UART 10-Pin DFN, FT200XD-R.

Furthermore, the device is USB 2.0 Full Speed suitable and offers an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. It is packaged in a compact Pb-free 10-pin DFN package, keeping to RoHS compliance standards.

Application Usage

By including this solution, you can provide USB port connectivity to Microcontroller systems without the need to decompose system software, insert USB, and re-validate. This streamlines the merging process and saves valuable time and effort.

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Furthermore, the device enables motherboard and system monitoring through USB, allowing for effective monitoring and control of system performance. Additionally, it facilitates download capability from PC Host systems, making it easy to transfer data and firmware updates to the Microcontroller systems. This is the FT200XD-R. Likewise also see the FT231X – Full Speed USB to Full UART and FT230X Basic UART Driver.

Moreover, this solution provides a USB port to FPGA’s. In addition enabling seamless communication and data transfer between the FPGA and other systems. Another useful feature is the ability to detect the presence of USB charging ports. Likewise allows for the identification of high-current charging capabilities. This is beneficial for enabling faster and more effective battery charging in devices that support USB charging.


D2XX Direct Drivers

Windows (Desktop) 2021-07-15

FT200XD Driver X86 (64-Bit)

FT200XD Driver X86 (32-Bit)

Windows RT Driver (ARM) (2014-07-04)

Linux X64 (64-Bit) / X86 (32-Bit)  (2020-05-18)


VCP Drivers

Windows (Desktop) 2021-07-15

FT200XD Driver X86 (64-Bit)

FT200XD Driver X86 (32-Bit)