Aztech Router Username Password

router usernameSee the list of Aztech Router Username Password listed below. These are the setting as well as user manuals for the Aztech routers. You will find the Aztech Router Username Password combination as well as the IP address of the routers. There are different models for each router and you will need to check which router you have. Some are the older versions while others are much newer.

Aztech Router Username Password

Aztech Router Username PasswordThere is also the user manuals for each of these routers as well as the firmware or driver where they are available. Note that these are the default user names and passwords. If you have changed this and forgot you can reset the router but then it will go back to the factory settings. This might create problems with your ISP and assessing the network. Note that the default IP for the Aztech routers are however the default IP for the Aztech router NA8300 is

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If you want to use Google Public DNS, use the following settings:

  • Primary:
  • Secondary:

If you want to use OpenDNS, use the following settings:

600EWadminadminaztech 600EW routerAztech 600EW Manual
DSL1000EW-Ladminadminaztech DSL1000EW-L routerAztech DSL1000EW (L) Manual
DSL1015EN-Lblankblankaztech DSL1015EN-L routerAztech DSL1015EN (L) Manual
DSL1100Radminadminaztech DSL1100R router
DSL305EUadminblankaztech DSL305EU router
DSL3100Radminadminaztech DSL3100R router
DSL5001ENuseruseraztech DSL5001EN router
DSL5005ENadminadminaztech DSL5001EN router
DSL5018ENadminadminaztech aztech DSL5001EN routerAztech DSL5018EN Manual
DSL5018ENuseruseraztech aztech DSL5001EN routerAztech DSL5018EN Manual
DSL5018EN-1T1Ruseruseraztech DSL5018EN-1T1RAztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Manual
DSL5068EN-1T1Ruseruseraztech DSL5018EN-1T1RAztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Manual
DSL600Eadminadminaztech DSL600E routerAztech DSL600E Manual
DSL600ERadminadminaztech DSL600ER router
DSL600EUadminadminaztech DSL600EU router
DSL600EWadminadminaztech DSL600ER routerAztech DSL600EW User Manual
DSL605EUadminadminaztech DSL605EU routerAztech DSL605EU User Manual
DSL605EWadminadminaztech DSL605EW routerAztech DSL605EW User Manual
DSL7000GRblankAztechadminaztech DSL7000GR routerAztech DSL7000GR User Manual
DSL7000GRVblankAztechadminaztech DSL7000GR routerAztech DSL7000GRV User Manual
DSL7000GRV-SblankAztechadminaztech DSL7000GR routerAztech DSL7000GRV-S User Manual
DSL7000GRV-SblankAztechadminaztech DSL7000GR routerAztech DSL7000GRV-S User Manual
HW550-3Gadminadminaztech HW550-3G routerAztech HW550-3G User Manual
WL830RT4adminadminaztech WL830RT4 router
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There are a number of routers on here where you can see how to change the IP address as well as how to change the password on the Aztech routers. You will note that you can also change the DNS on the Aztech routers. This here is only the default username and password for the Aztech range of routers. You can find more in-depth look at the other Aztech username password issues for these routers. The ones below are much more in detail than this list of usernames. See also the Aztech Router Username Password as well as the Aztech DSL600E as well as the Aztech HW550-3G and Aztech DSL7000GRV-S routers.

Aztech DSL Routers

Aztech 600EW router Aztech DSL1000EW-L Router Aztech DSL1015EN-L Router
Aztech DSL5018EN Router Aztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Router Aztech DSL5068EN-1T1R Router

USB Drivers

ft232r usb uart driver cp2102 driver cp2102 usb to uart bridge controller

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