Windows Hibernation – unexpected error (0x65b)

USB DriverThe Windows hibernation, unexpected error (0x65b) is mainly because you dont have access to turn off the file. Most times you want to save space as your hard driver is full. In order to get around this if you dont use hibernation on your computer then you can turn off hibernation and save about 3GB of space on your “C” drive which is normally your main drive. Below you will see how to turnoff the hibernation without an error.

Windows Hibernation – unexpected error (0x65b)

If you are trying to get rid of the hiberfil.sys file, with no luck then this is how to to turn off the file. Most will be receiving this error when they try and use the powercfg.exe -h off command with nothing changing. The error will normally look as follows:

C:\Users\Cogni>powercfg.exe -h off

Unable to perform operation. An unexpected error (0x65b) has
occurred: Function failed during execution.

Some have tried turning off hybrid sleep in their control panel and then rebooting only to find that it does not work. The error then shows. Below is what has been tried as solution one.

Windows Hibernation - unexpected error (0x65b)

This normally does not work as there is still a problem with the administrator privileges that you cant turn it off. The error does not tell you this. Below is how to do it correctly under Windows 10. You do not need to restart the system either as it will show the extra space immediately.

unexpected error (0x65b)


  • Type in command in the Windows Taskbar
  • Click on Run as Administrator
  • The Command prompt then opens
  • Now type in the following line  powercfg.exe -h off
  • The system will now delete the file as you have administrator privileges.
  • Check your hard driver space as it will not show about 3GB of additional space
  • You can turn on the file again if you want instead of OFF type in |ON

See also other problems such as no internet time tab windows 10 as well as other Windows 10 settings issues. There are a number of small irritating issues on the Windows 10 platform that does not give you an understandable error.


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