UC00C (CH340) USB to UART Converter

USB DriverThe UC00C (CH340) USB to UART Converter is a well known low cost alternative to the popular FTDI USB to UART converter. It much like other works with both 3.3V as well as a 5V system. The UART driver has also been added below. The serial communication in particular the UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter), is one of the most commonly used communication protocol for computers. There are certain versions of the Arduino main boards have USB to UART converter built-in.

UC00C (CH340) USB to UART Converter

Note that there is a difference between the two versions of the USD to UART converter. This is a UC00C while there is a UC00A UART which is also on this website so look at those specs of the Cytron USB to UART Converter UC00A driver. You will note that the converter board is much smaller with fewer options compared to the other.

UC00C (CH340) USB to UART Converter

Header Socket Pins

GND – This is the ground or negative pin. This is the ground of power and signal and should be connected to device’s GND pin.

CTS – The Clear To Send Pin and is the hardware hand-shaking pin.

VCC – This is the 3.3V or 5V power output from the adapter. This send power to the micro-controller or external devices.

TXO – Easy to understand that this is the UART Transmit pin. This connects to the device’s receiver pin.

RXI – This is the UART Receive pin. This connects to the device’s transmit pin.

DTR – The Data Terminal Ready pin is for the auto rest on the Arduino compatible board.


Note also that when the slide switch is set to 5V, the adapter board as show will source as much power as your USB port will provide. Also note that when it is set to 3.3V, the maximum current for the UC00C can provide is limited to 500mA.

Download Cytron USB to UART Driver (32 bit + 64bit)

(Note that this is the UC00C  driver, UC00A can be found here.)


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