Longshine LCS-8131M driver

Longshine LCS-8131M driver This is the “M” version Longshine adapter driver. This is the Longshine LCS-8131M driver below. The wireless adapter called the Longshine LCD-813M shows in its hardware ID as being a “802.11g USB XRTM Wireless LAN USB Adapter” Check your hardware before you install the driver to ensure you have the correct hardware.

Longshine LCS-8131M driver

There are a number of drivers for the Longshine adapters so check the directory with Longshine adapter drivers here.There are a number of other drivers on this website for the Longshine adapters. There is the Longshine LCS-8131G3 as well as the Longshine LCS-8131R driver on here. The Longshine LCS-8131M driver below you can now download and we will explain how to install this driver. See this below.

Installing the Longshine LCS-8131M 

This unlike the other two drivers is not an INF bare basic driver but the full driver. There is only one option if you don’t use Windows XP or Windows 2000. This is to run this old driver in compatibility mode. Download the file below and then extract the file. Within the main directory there is the setup file as well as the user manual. This will install the driver for the Longshine LCS-8131M.

If you are using something different like Windows 10 and not Windows XP. Then you will need to right-click on the setup file and then click on ‘compatibility mode’ and Windows 10 or Windows 11 will then try to install the driver in one of those in an emulator mode. See also the ft232r usb uart driver as well as the error usb\vid_0403&pid_6001&rev_0600 as well. See the driver downloaded below.

There is no option with this file for an INF install compared to others such as the Longshine LCS-8131C which is also on this website that you might also want to check. Search this website from the sidebar on the right.

driver download

Longshine LCS-8131M download




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