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Windows 10 taskbar unclickable

USB DriverIf the taskbar has become unclickable then you will need to take a drastic measure in order to restore these. The problem normally arises when you cant right-click on the clock to see the full clock or the Windows key no longer works. You will need to follow the the instructions below to restore the functionality of the taskbar. You will need to remove the packages on Windows 10 and then restart the computer.

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Windows 10 internet time tab missing

USB DriverWith each update from Windows 10 you will note that the tabs get re-arranged all the time. or simply go missing. The time update is the current problem which has been moved further and deeper into the menu system and takes a few more clicks to get too. Below you will see how to update your time with the latest GUI update to Windows 10. The instructions to sync your Windows 10 computer is easy if you know how.

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AMD Partial installation of Drivers [Solved]

USB DriverIf you have ever tried to install the AMD driver and you get a partial install then I will explain how to do this perfectly each time on Windows 10. There is also the problem with signed drivers when you have a modded bios but this is mainly for people who use their GPU’s for mining crypto currencies. When you install the driver software from AMD the driver will not recognise your modded hardware and you will get a triangle next to the device in the device manager. I will explain both below as each has a different method. (Modded to be done later)

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