ASUS Android MTP Device Driver

USB DriverYou can find the Android MTP device driver from Asus which have been added below. There are other drivers for the mobile phone on this website. You will note that there are generic drivers as well as those made for specific mobile phone brands. This is an Asus android MTP driver for your computer. Also look at the MTP drivers such as the Acer MTP driver as well as the Intel MTP driver. There is also a Samsung MTP error fix as well as a Sony MTP fix.

ASUS Android MTP Device Driver

This works on the Windows Vista 64 bit / 7 64 bit / 8 64 bit / 8.1 64 bit operating system. Download the zip file below. Inside there is a cab file. Extract the two files in the Cab files and remember where you have extracted them to. Now you need to install these files onto the computer. This can be done as follows once the files have been extracted.

  • Open the Device Manager (Right click on Start Menu for Windows 10 and select Device Manager)
  • Now you will need to Right click on the hardware device you are going to update
  • Now choose Update Driver Software
  • Select the location of the new driver by browsing to the folder where you had now extracted the driver
  • Simply click on “Have Disk” to open the directories
  • Now browse to the directory where you extracted the driver too
  • Now click on the file and then click on Ok
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You will note that there are a few of these drivers. The ASUS Android ADB Interface driver is another driver for the ASUS hardware on this website. You can see this on the link listed above. Note again that is is an old driver and you should check as this was made for older equipment. Search this website for more information. See also the Asus mtp driver as well as the Asus adb driver on here. See also How to install Xperia driver on here.


ASUS Android MTP Device

The ASUS Android MTP Device, a mobile device crafted by ASUS, utilizes the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) to facilitate the transmission of media files between the device and a computer1. To enable MTP on your ASUS Android device, you can proceed with the following steps:

Firstly, navigate to Settings > Developer options. Next, choose USB configuration. Finally, opt for MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). Should you encounter difficulties with your ASUS Android MTP Device, updating the device driver may be necessary. This can be achieved by:

Identifying the problematic device and model, then double-clicking to open the Properties dialog box. Clicking the Update Driver button and adhering to the provided instructions. The ASUS Android MTP Device Driver can be obtained from the official ASUS website or other reputable driver platforms. It is crucial to download the driver explicitly designed for your device. Likewise see also the HTC MTP Device Driver Win 7 on here as well as the Acer MTP Drivers.

In conclusion, maintaining up-to-date device drivers is advisable to optimize performance and prevent potential issues.

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Troubleshoot the ASUS MTP device

See also the Fix Sony MTP USB Driver on here. If you encounter difficulties with your Sony MTP USB Device, consider the following steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

Firstly, check the connection between your Android device and PC. Connect your Android device to another PC to assess whether the issue persists. Experiment with different USB ports and cables to eliminate potential port or cable-related problems.

In cases where the UAC restricts your computer from installing device drivers, employing Command Prompt can be a viable solution. Another option is to modify the registry settings on your computer. Installing the MTP Porting Kit on your computer is also recommended to address the issue.

To resolve the MTP USB Device error, update the USB drivers on your computer. Locate the device causing the error, and if it’s not found under relevant driver groups, check the “Other devices” section. Right-click on the device and select “Update driver,” allowing Windows to update the MTP driver on your computer. Lastly also see the Intel Android MTP USB Device Driver on here. If Windows fails to recognize the driver properly, a simple restart of your computer may prove effective.


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ASUS Android MTP Device Driver




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