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D-Link DU-128TA Driver

D-Link DU-128TA DriverThe DU-128TA+ is a USB-connected ISDN adapter driver has been added below the text. There are 3 drivers for each operating system. This was for Windows 2000, XP and also Windows98. It is ideally suited to give your PC access to the world of the Integrated Services Digital Network.

Always check your hardware before you install any driver on your computer. This was the last driver released for the D-Link adapter. Note the hardware strings only identify this driver for one adapter and it is this one.

String3=”D-Link DU-128TA+ USB for Windows2000/XP”
String4=”D-Link DU-128TA+ utilities CD”
Model=”D-Link DU-128TA+”


Windows 2000/XP/98



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