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Longshine LCS 8033H driver

Longshine LCS 8033H driverThe Longshine LCS 8033H driver is another host controller which is very generic. If you look at the hardware ID in the file you note that the same driver is used by a number of other host controllers on the market. Outside of Longshine other manufactures have used the same hardware such as Tekram and NEC.

We have listed the manufacturers and also the equipment they manufactured with the same chipset. You can use this driver on any of the following host controllers.

Longshine LCS 8033H driver

MfgName = “OWC”
ORANGEMFG = “Orange Micro, Inc.”
KEYSPANMFG = “Keyspan”
ATENGENMFG = “Generic”
AVLABMFG = “Intek21”
BELKINMFG = “Belkin”
GOODWAYMFG = “Good Way Technology Co., Ltd.”
GWCMFG = “GWC Technology Inc.”
DLINKMFG = “D-Link Corporation”
PUTERCOMMFG = “Putercom”
BUSLINKMFG = “BUSlink Corporation”
DATAFABMFG = “Datafab System Inc.”
TEKRAMMFG = “Tekram Technology Co. LTD.”
APRICORNMFG = “Apricorn, Inc.”
BILLIONTONMFG = “Billionton Systems Inc.”
ADSMFG = “ADS Technologies”
EDRIVEMFG = “eDrive”
SUNRICHMFG = “Sunrich”


Keyspan, IOGear and many others have used this so it should also work on the following host controller equipment on the market. Note the driver is very old and may not work on the modern operating systems on the market today.

NEC_USBEHCD.DeviceDesc = “NEC PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller”
SUBSYS_700112EE = “OrangeUSB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_19069710 = “System TALKS USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_00E01735 = “USB 2.0 PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller”
SUBSYS_00E11735 = “IOGEAR USB 2.0 Host Adapter”
SUBSYS_00E41735 = “Tripp Lite USB 2.0 Bus Port Host Controller”
SUBSYS_00E51735 = “ATEN USB 2.0 Host Adapter”
SUBSYS_00E61735 = “KEYSPAN USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_00E0131F = “SIIG USB 2.0 Host Adapter”
SUBSYS_00E011A9 = “KEYSPAN USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_00E71735 = “APC USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_00E014DB = “NEC PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller”
SUBSYS_20016016 = “UT-USB20 PCI Card”
SUBSYS_20402392 = “USB 2.0 Add on Card”
SUBSYS_16001631 = “USB 2.0 PCI Host Card”
SUBSYS_16011631 = “USB 2.0 PCI Host Card”
SUBSYS_16021631 = “USB 2.0 PCI Host Card”
SUBSYS_047E0708 = “USB 2.0 PCI Card”
SUBSYS_A6E00CAF = “PCI to USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_A6E007C4 = “PCI to USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_80021691 = “FREECOM USB-2 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_602B1DE1 = “DC-602B/T PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller”
SUBSYS_03010984 = “EZ USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_110114CB = “Billionton USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_110514CB = “Billionton USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_110714CB = “Billionton USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_110314CB = “USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_110914CB = “USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_21011421 = “ADS USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_21031421 = “ADS USB 2.0 Host Controller”
SUBSYS_33833383 = “NEC USB 2.0 Controller”

USBClassName = “Universal Serial Bus Controller”
NUSB2HUB.DeviceDesc=”Generic USB Hub on USB 2.0 Bus”
USB2\VID_0b62&PID_0058=”OrangeUSB 2.0 Hub”



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