Aten USB to Serial Driver (UC232A / UC232A1) Install

USB DriverBelow I will show you how to install the Aten USB to Serial driver in both Windows as well as in Linux. There is a Aten USB to Serial driver on this website and I have added it at the bottom again. We also cover a few of the most common error with the Aten USB to Serial Driver on this website. You also check the install for the Minicom  usb to rs232 driver as well as the Tripplite  usb to rs232 driver as well as the usb to rs232 driver.

Windows Aten USB to Serial Driver

You will need to download the Windows driver for the Aten USB to Serial driver. You will then need to extract the files in the zip file to where you can find them. Normally and up-to-date Windows OS should have the drivers already in its updates. None the less there is a Windows driver listed below. Place the USB to Serial adpater into your computer and check if it will install on its own. If not do the following:

  1. Extract the files
  2. Find and Click On the file called UC-232ADriverInstaller.exe
  3. The Install Page will come up and simply click on next

Windows Aten USB to Serial Driver

4. You will get a warning screen so just click on Continue Anyway to install

Windows Aten USB to Serial Driver

5. The install is now complete.


Linux Aten USB to Serial Driver 

The install of the Aten USB to Serial Adapter install on Linux is easy enough to understand. Below we will explain how to do this.

  1. CD into where you downloaded the driver and extracted the driver
  2. Once in this directory you need to do the following:
  • cp pl2303.c /directory_name
  • cp Makefile /directory_name/makefile

(Where directory_name is the name of the directory on your hard disk that you are copying the files to.)

3. Move to the directory where you copied the files. Now type

  • make inst

4. Connect your UC-232A adapter to the USB port on your PC.

The Linux install is now complete and you will now be able to use the adpater. Note that you should check your serial number on the adapter to ensure that it will work on the operating system. Also note that there are two types of UC-232A adapters so check again what you have when installing the driver.


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